HK Designers

Peter Tse and Sandy Lau

Artist: Peter Tse

Peter Tse is an architect, interior and landscape designer, graduated from the Department of Architecture at Tianjin University (Formerly Peiyang University) in 1962. He is also a comics artist who has painted and published comics strips in major newspapers since he was at middle school. Peter learned the sketching and watercolor drawing from Professor Madam Yang Hua Guang, who graduated from école Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-arts De Parisx in 1933. Peter masters his painting skills with solid foundation base on the French training methodology. Besides, Peter was selected as one of the top 50 Excellence Artist and CFA Artist of the Year of 2018/9 in France.

As a Chief Architect, Peter won the "Poland National Architectural Award" for the architectural, interior, transportation planning, and landscape design project of the largest shopping mall in Warsaw, Eastern Europe in 1995. Some of his work of art was included in “Architectural Journal”, “Classics of Landscape Design in China II 2004”, “Land Painting Rendering Landscape Collection 2004”, and “For the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China return to our Motherland”.

Through water, colours, brushes, and the “Impression of Hong Kong” Series, Peter advocates to share the beauty of Hong Kong with people who live and work here, in addition to friends all over the world who are fascinated and interested to know more of this tiny yet vibrant place: Hong Kong SAR.

Designer : Sandy Lau

Sandy has been graduated from business management and she has been a senior textile manager, supervised the development of the first generation of organic cotton material and the environmental management development for textile industry. She has vast experience in the multicultural industry management, quality management, factory and site management in Hong Kong, India and Southeast Asian countries. Now she is the member of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association and Associate Member of Hong Kong Design Association.

Sandy is responsible for product design and quality management, transforming the art works into gifts, clothing, stationery and art products. Sandy hopes that the “Impression of Hong Kong Series” will be the gifts and premiums with local cultural and creative characteristics representing Hong Kong and the Greater China, loved by local and overseas business people, residents, and tourists.