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Saint John

"Let’s tin toys become a part of the design and fashion", which is a brand mission SAINT JOHN founded by the chief product designer Marvin Chan in 2008. Marvin is one of a well-known Chinese old toys collector. He developed his dream with enthusiasm and hope for the future direction of the concept and innovative efforts of tin toys again.

After few years development, SAINT JOHN has been repositioned with the new package, comprehensive fashion the tin toys, young and artistic. The brand has gradually entered the high-end designer concept store markets, some products, such as ROXY clockwork tin robots, M-65 large clockwork tin robot, tin clockwork racing classic British SUNBEAM, have become a playful and regain collection of popular targets in many adults.

In the coming future , SAINT JOHN will be creating in a number of areas related to tin toys for the lifestyle, fashion, and chocolate products.