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The Camel vacuum flask brand was founded in Hong Kong in 1940.

Throughout the 40's to the 70's, Camel's wide range of glass vacuum products were household essentials to many local families and the company expanded steadily in parallel with the city. In the 70's, Camel was a pioneer in its segment by introducing double wall stainless steel insulation wares and achieved great appellation from the B2B market, in particular the F&B and Hotel industry world-wide. Camel products are known for its elegant designs, functionality and robustness. Despite the manufacturing trend in migrating to Mainland China in the 80's & 90's, the company remained rooted and grew with Hong Kong through thick and thin. Camel story is one that mirrors the city's varied history and carries much of the persevering spirit that helps built this place.

Camel is proud to be the only company left in Hong Kong manufacturing vacuum flasks. The company name “Wei Yit” meaning “the only one”  - Camel has lived up to its name.