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Smartech International Marketing Limited is a pioneer and purveyor of innovative and unique household appliances. Embracing a "Passion for Smart Technology" motto and a customer-oriented policy, Smartech offers Hong Kong customers a diverse selection of innovative, practical, energy-saving and living-enhancing products at a reasonable price.

Examples include a series of environmentally friendly vacuum cleaners designed to improve air quality, air purifiers and aroma humidifiers to help reduce rhinitis symptoms and improve sleeping quality, dehumidifiers to prevent mould growth, energy-saving fans with slim design, ceramic heaters that are both beautiful and practical, and multi-functional kitchen utensils and gadgets.

Placing customers' safety front and centre, all of the products are manufactured in strict compliance with the "CE" standard and are subjected to high-standard quality control.

• 2010 – Winner of the "Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence" of the Environmental Campaign Committee
• 2013 – Recognised as a "Hong Kong Emerging Brand" by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council
• 2015–2017 – Recognised for "Consumer Caring" excellence by GS1 Hong Kong