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Alan Yip

Alan Yip graduated with Bachelor of Arts in industrial design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1987. After winning a working scholarship in 1986, he had the opportunity to work for Frog Design Inc. in California, USA. In 1987, Alan joined Philips Netherlands and worked at the Philips Design Centre for 2 years.

Finding it a challenge to upgrade the product design standard of the HK industries to an advance international level, Alan decided to return to Hong Kong and found Yip Design Ltd. in 1990. Throughout these years, over 1000 products, which cover a wide range of categories has been designed and launched. A product line has been launched under his brand "ALANYIP" with worldwide patents. His works had won many awards and have been presented in many museums, books and medias worldwide.

He is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Designers Association (2002-2004), a fellow member of the Chartered Society of Designers (UK) and his work has formed an international landmark for Hong Kong product design.