HK Designers

Raymond Choy

Dr. Raymond Choy - Founder and President of Toy2R - was amongst the first to recognise and explore the potential of the designer/art toy movement, ultimately, instilling contemporary art into the vinyl toy market we all know and love today.

The introduction of QEE in 2001 took the art toy world by storm and has been linked to internationally acclaimed artists as well as becoming an international iconic brand. Toy2R also provides D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Qees for aspiring designers/artists who wish to use Qee as a 3D canvas to express their own original work. We are proud of our determination at Toy2R, which not only innovates but also inspires artists, designers and the young generation.

Led by mastermind Raymond Choy, Toy2R has received numerous internationally renowned awards for its outstanding achievements, including the Hong Kong Art Festival “Greater China 2010 Outstanding Design Award 2010” and the “Ten Outstanding Designers Award 2009”. These achievements affirmed the company as a creative brand in terms of design, corporate governance and business operations, confirming Toy2R’s status as a world-renowned brand and a pioneer in the industry.