HK Designers

Prudence Mak

Chief Designer and Founder of Chocolate Rain, Prudence graduated from the University of Lethbridge, Canada, majoring in Fine Arts. In 2000, she pursued her dream as a fashion and accessories designer and named her first collection “Chocolate Rain”, creating “Fatina” icon.

Prudence started Chocolate Rain design using Fatina’s imagination, to produce a high-end designer line of books, fashion and products. Each piece in the collection is unique, and most pieces are handcrafted by making use of recycle fabrics, mixed medium and special artistic elements. Prudence has been commissioned to undertake many crossover projects by such major names as Swarovski, Stella McCartney, Luella and Clinique.

Prudence’s adorable designs are not only popular in the Hong Kong market. Chocolate Rain has been exhibited and distributed internationally in recent years. Exhibitions in the MoMA, Tate Modern and Guggenheim Museum have all earned Prudence great acclaim.