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Hong Kong brand “SOVIS” is an “Integrated and Smart Power Solution Expert for Travelers”, founded in 2017. It is a pioneer and an innovative developer of supreme quality travel and mobile accessories. The brand’s all-round power solution covers AC, DC and emergency power for all travelling purposes.

No longer do users have to worry about power supply when they are travelling, as they can get power anywhere with SOVIS’s Universal Travel Power Solution Organizer. The product features a dual USB wall charger, a high-speed power bank, a dual USB car charger, an emergency charger and the most popular certified cables (Micro USB, Lightning and Type-C cables). All the gadgets, cables and essential components are snugly encased in the elastic mesh organiser.

SOVIS’s Universal Travel Power Solution Organizer is also a tasteful, colourful and stylish souvenir from Hong Kong. The product sports a minimalistic and personalized form factor, where all the controls are neatly displayed. It is easy-to-use, fashionable, and luxurious, and comes with a cutting-edge fast charge function. Moreover, the unique features and the limited edition enraved gold tag signal immense business potential and possibility in the local and international markets.