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4D Master® was established in 2003. 4D means 3-Dimension + Details. The products combine top-craftsmanship with museum quality. The brand features different product series: “4D Puzzle™”, 4D Human™”, and “4D Vision™”, “MaBoRun™”, “4D 1/2™” and “4D Blokzzle™”. The “4D Puzzle™” and “4D Blokzzle™” series are 3D puzzles in play and display scales. The “4D Human™” “4D Vision™” series feature human and animal anatomy models that are widely used in colleges and universities, which are also perfect for the toys market. The “4D 1/2” series are collectible designer toys. All of the products are tailor-made and suit all ages, and they are high-quality plastic puzzle toys that challene and educate.